上次去迪士尼時在加勒比海的海盜旁的Blue Bayou 餐廳學回來的,這個配方跟師傅給我的又不太一樣了,不過也挺不錯的,大家試試!!


份量: 1


A 材料

蒜頭              4

新鮮牛至      1 小匙

雪花鹽      1 ½ 小匙



蛋黃,室溫          1

新鮮檸檬汁       1 ½ 大匙

蕃紅花粉              ¼ 小匙

紅辣椒片              ½ 小匙



冷壓橄欖油           1



1. A材料一起切碎了,變成細蒜頭鹽,放入食物處理機中。

2. B材料也一起放入食物處理機中,打到細順沒有顆粒。

3. 食物處理機轉中速,再慢慢將冷壓橄欖油徐徐的加入食物處理機中,打成美乃滋狀,密封保存。



牛至是一種英文叫做Oregano的香菜料,可以用乾燥百里香或是迷迭香代替,乾燥的就放大約新鮮份量的1/3 - 1/2,都沒有的話,就放一些意大利香料也行!! 這種香料很容易在自己家裡種的,大家可以找找種子!!










Rouille is a French style mayonnaise.  It’s a sort of herbed-spiced up version of our good old fashion mayonnaise.  Taste really good with seafood, or eat it by itself on a slice of French baguette.  I first noticed this spread on a slice of French baguette accompanying Bouillabaisse at Blue Bayou from Disneyland.  Fancy name for a seafood soup!  It was a chef’s special that night.  As many of you know, Blue Bayou is the restaurant adjacent to the ride, Pirates of the Caribbean.  I asked our waitress what it was, and she went in and got the chef out to answer me.  It was an honor.  Great restaurant! My bouillabaisse would’ve been better with a glass of dry white wine.  Too bad no alcoholic beverage in Disneyland!!!


A Ingredients

Garlic                   4 cloves

Fresh oregano       1 teaspoon

Kosher salt       1 ½ teaspoon


B Ingredients

Egg yolk, room temp          1 piece

Fresh lemon juice           1 ½ tablespoon

Saffron powder                  ¼ teaspoon

Crushed red chili pepper    ½ teaspoon


C Ingredients

EV Olive oil                      1 cup



1. On a chopping board, mince A ingredients together to make garlic salt, then place in a food processor. 

2. Add B ingredients into the food processor as well, pulse until smooth.

3. Slowly beat in the extra virgin olive oil while the processor is on to create an emulsion.  The final product will have the texture of mayonnaise. 


Serving: 1 cup



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