好像有自信滿滿的說要做減肥餐,好像都還是蠻胖的料理,今天就來煮一碗健康走向的湯麵吧,我弟吃這碗麵,2個月瘦了 20 磅喔!!!


份量: 4 人份




                           1500 ml

越南和粉湯粉*          ½

魚丸                             4

甜不辣                         4

玉米塊                         8

小紅寶寶蘿蔔             1

小白菜,切塊             2                         

黃豆芽                         2

蔥花                             1

油麵,滾水燙過        適量




  1. 將水用一大形湯鍋煮滾,放入越南和粉湯粉,融化後加魚丸,甜不辣,小紅寶寶蘿蔔和玉米塊煮3-5 分鐘,加小白菜和黃豆芽再燙個2-3 分鐘,就可以撈出擺到裝了油麵的碗裡,灑蔥花,加熱湯。


*越南和粉湯粉就是照片中的這罐,很好用,沒時間煮高湯的時候就用一點,馬上煮出香濃的麵來喔!! 沒有這種湯粉的話,可以開包泡麵的湯粉丟進去!!  This is the pho soup baseavailable in the Asian markets.  





*湯的顏色很香濃誘人喔!! This soup has a darker, yummy color~





Healthy Vege Noodle Soup


Just got back from Lake Mammoth, I desperately crave some light and hearty home made food.  So I chose to make this soup, everybody felt good eating it.  I am proud. 




Water                        1500 ml

Pho soup base                ½ cup

Fish balls                         4 pieces

Tempura                          4 pieces

Corn, chopped                 8 pieces

Baby carrots                     1 cup

Savoy cabbage                  2 cups

Soy bean sprouts               2 cups

Scallion, chopped              1 cup

Egg Noodle, blanched       4 cups




Bring water to a boil, add Pho soup base powder, stir to melt, then add fish balls, tempura, baby carrots and chopped corn, simmer for 3-5 minutes. Add the savoy cabbage and soy bean sprouts and cook for an additional 2-3 minutes.  Add to noodle in bowls, pour hot soup into bowls right before serving.


Servings: 4


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