最近沉迷於夏威夷美食中,吃了很多,總該做一個吧,就從最簡單的這個飯糰開始,每家夏威夷餐廳都會有這一道,從一個夏威夷朋友在電話上的簡單口述,做出了這個美味壽司捲,稍稍改了一下因為不是每個人家裡都有Aloha醬油,這樣子做就萬無一失了! 希望大家會喜歡!!



海苔                       4

白飯,放涼       650

海苔香鬆               1 大匙

Spam午餐肉         1



醬油             1 大匙

味琳             3 大匙

蔥花             1 大匙



1. 將午餐肉切成8等份長條,加熱一個小平底鍋。

2. 斟酌加點油在鍋底,將午餐肉條放入鍋內煎至四面金黃,加入醬油和味琳,繼續加熱至醬料變稠,向楓糖漿那樣的質地,關火後加入蔥花拌炒一下。

3. 加熱一空平底鍋,將海苔兩面烤一下,在上面薄薄的鋪上一層白飯,短的那邊稍稍留一點空隙。

4.  夾兩條午餐肉放在沒空隙的那邊,在白飯上面灑點海苔香鬆,將飯糰從午餐肉的那邊輕輕捲起,捲起後輕輕用手將壽司捲捏緊。

5. 將壽司捲用刀切成3-4段,擺盤。 


豆皮壽司 Tofu Sushi  豆皮壽司

Spam Musubi 

My new friend, Jeremy introduced me to genuine Hawaiian food.  He’s a self-proclaimed foodie from Hawaii.  It was love at first sight.  I really love how easy and quick to come up with this dish at home.  All the ingredients are in the pantry.  It takes no trips to stores and no time to make at all.  It’s always gratifying to see these disappear from the table at any party. 

The first time I made it, I used a package of imitation spam I found from the pantry.  Over the phone, Jeremy asked me “how poor are you?”  Supposedly spam was originally designed to be a meat substitute for the poor during famine times.  If I had to buy imitation spam, I’d be pretty poor!!!  And he thinks he is funny.  But seriously, for the purpose of the film, I used real spam.  What’s a spam musubi without real spam, right? 

Jokes aside, thanks Jeremy!!! 


A Ingredients

Seaweed sheets                4 sheets

Steamed rice, cooled    650 g

Furikake                            1 tablespoon

Spam                                 1 package


B Ingredients

Soy sauce                 1 tablespoon

Mirin                        3 tablespoon

Chopped scallion     1 tablespoon



1. Cut spam into 8 equal portion strips.  Heat up a small frying pan.

2. Depending on what kind of frying pan, add the little oil to the pan, add the spam strips to pan and brown all four sides, about 2 minutes per side.  Add the soy sauce and mirin, cook until thicken like syrup consistency.  Remove from heat and add the chopped scallion.

3. Heat a flat griddle to toast the sheets of seaweed, about 30 seconds per side.  Spread a thin layer of steamed rice onto the seaweed, leave a ¼ inch gap with no rice on the short side of the seaweed.

4. Place two spam strips onto the rice to the side without gap, sprinkle some furikake, then roll up from the spam side gently.  Press firm after the spam musubi is rolled up.

5. Cut the spam musubi into 3-4 sections and arrange on plate to serve.


Serving: 4-6


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